Heir to Haitian musical royalty, Paul has spent his life living to the rhythm of music. The son of Grammy Award nominee Boukman Eksperyans and Grammy Award winner Boukman Eksperyans, his earliest memories are of rhythm and sound.
Having moved to New York in his youth, he was inspired by his heritage to begin creating a sound all his own. Constantly aware of his roots, the struggle of an immigrant and the dynamism of New York life, he began to create a path in which music, music and music are linked. He began to create a path where music, activism and history meet, creating a unique and mesmerizing sound he calls “Roots”. Paul combines his impeccable skills as a guitarist, singer, musical engineer and musician with his rich voice, musical ingenuity and cultural history. Paul has performed alongside some of the world’s greatest artists, including Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, Arcade Fire, Jackson Browne and Bob Weir. He has performed all over the world, including New York’s Beacon Theater and Radio City Music Hall, Toronto’s Massey Hall, Nashville’s Ryman Theatre and Chicago’s House of Blues. These ongoing successes make him one of the few artists of Haitian origin to enjoy worldwide success.

JUNE 13, 2024

Paul Beaubrun

Congo-born, Montreal-based musician, songwriter and DJ Pierre Kwenders (he/him) is a storyteller. Motivated by the complexities of love, his songs weave narratives from memories of the past, sketches of his hometown and reflections on the future. His third album, José Louis and the Paradox of Love, which won him the prestigious Polaris Music Prize, is the culmination of a personal evolution and a musical dexterity he has honed over the years, combining his great abilities as a songwriter with the bravura he possesses as a DJ. Transcending genres, including electronica, pop and rumba, the album features instruments such as guitar, saxophone, cello, trumpet, violin and the Mbira, a Zimbabwean plucked-string idiophone. Inspired by “sagacité”, a way of life invented by Ivorian singer Douk Saga, which means working hard to play hard, he has established himself as an architect of modern African music. He creates a unique blend of Afro-influenced electronic sounds inspired by Congolese rumba, propagated by the Moonshine collective, a post-border multidisciplinary artist collective celebrating diversity in dance culture since Kwenders co-founded it in 2014. Singing and rapping in Lingala, French, English, Tshiluba and Kikongo, Kwenders weaves his stories across linguistic and geographic boundaries.

JUNE 14, 2024

Pierre Kwenders

Air Canada Stage

Now a fixture on the Quebec rap scene, Sarahmée made a remarkable comeback with her third album, Poupée Russe, nominated for an Adisq award in the RAP album category. She is also the first hip-hop artist to be nominated in the Revelation of the Year category at the Adisq Gala. Sarahmée also took part in the Gala’s opening number, broadcast live on Radio-Canada television, and in a number with rapper Naya Ali two years later. The singer-songwriter has also been nominated and performed at the Gala Dynastie, which honors black excellence. The Gala closes Black History Month, for which Sarahmée acts as spokesperson, earning her her first appearance on Tout le monde en parle. Sarahmée was also a judge on Téléquébec’s La Fin des Faibles, a French-language rap competition, for two seasons. She then hosted the documentary ELLES, broadcast on TV5 monde, where she went to meet women’s collectives across the continents. Sarahmée has also modeled for Sephora, New Look and Fizz advertising campaigns. Having exploded into the public eye in 2019, Sarahmée continues on her path with the announcement of a new album to be released in 2024. As usual, it will feature frenzied rhythms with an African flavour, coupled with lyrics that are in tune with the times and inclusive in a way that only Sarahmée is capable of. Written, produced and realized over the past year, Sarahmée’s fourth album reflects several stages through which the singer-songwriter has passed.

JUNE 14, 2024


Welcome to the world of FouKi, where you can hear the murmurings of back alleys, the gentle madness of parks, the din of the city and the echoes of the regions. FouKi’s musical inspiration is multi-faceted: from here and abroad, Quebec and France, the Americas and the world, listening to sounds and words that jostle, cross and intertwine, from Quebec chanson à texte to folk and rock, blues to jazz, Latin music, reggae and R&B, to trap, hip-hop and rap. In his late teens, FouKi met his boys, first QuietMike dit le Michel Silencieux and Vendou, then Ségala, l’Amalgame and LaF. Finally, following his Plato Hesset Extendo projects, his meeting with Sam Rick and the release of Pré_Zay, FouKi signed with Disques7ième Ciel. The album, Zay, was released on April 13, 2018, and quickly followed by the release of the EP La Zayté on July 13, 2018, and his 2nd official album, ZayZay, on May 3, 2019. In May 2020, the album Génies en Herbe is released as a duet with Koriass. On October 23 of the same year, FouKi releases the EP Grignotines, which a month later becomes the album Grignotines de Luxe, with 8 new songs. On October 17, 2022, FouKi hits the road with Zayon, the first single from his forthcoming album, due for release in February 2023. FouKi promises us a journey full of movement, an odyssey of sounds, images and adventures.

FouKi’s rhythm, his words, his stage presence – these are his personal creative projects and his very own universe, which he shares with his Zayquipe, QuietMike, Pops & Poolboy, Sam Rick, Ruffsound, Rousseau, Nk.F and Carole. In praise of the everyday, with humor often offbeat, love always revealed, FouKi campaigns to catch those little nothings that add up to the daily grind. FouKi’s sound fuses genres, his dances enliven bodies and his words make you rêvazay, zayzayer. With Pré_Zay, Zay, ZayZay, Grignotines de Luxe and Zayon, FouKi invites us into his rap Zayphonie, with the taste of Grignotines and the smell of Gayé, on a road where the geography of the imaginary and the landscapes of emotions follow one another.

JUNE 14, 2024


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It’s the perfect opportunity to learn while having fun.

JUNE 14, 2024

School matinee

EL GRANDE TORPEDO; The new 100% KAÏN fiesta

After more than two decades since the band’s formation, KAÏN is unwavering in its commitment to party, and that’s all that counts, period.

It’s in this Fiesta Québécoise atmosphere that the band invites everyone to come and celebrate, sing along and have a drink. The story of the 8 original albums, of happiness, roadtrip and abundance, are the focus of this new show. When you go to a KAÏN show, you’ll be filled with good humor and colorful memories.

With the new album, EL GRANDE TORPEDO, the group’s festive and unifying quest continues, with the same poetry of the workers and the weft of our stories of love and friendship in the four corners of our beautiful province, to the delight of everyone and the members of the group!

JUNE 15, 2024


Active since the turn of the millennium, Damien Robitaille is as much a dashing songwriter of his own songs as he is an astute interpreter of others’. Hailing from the small Franco-Ontarian village of Lafontaine and now based in Montreal, he is signed to the Audiogram label and has 5 albums to his credit, all marked by his trademark sensitive sense of humor – which earned him the Prix Félix-Leclerc at the Francofolies. His most recent salvo is perhaps also his greatest coup: since 2020, he has been releasing videos of covers of well-known songs in which he superimposes himself by playing all the instruments, highlighting his talents as a multi-instrumentalist. Like the rest of his work, it’s wide-ranging, invigorating – and it’s bound to have an impact on his future work as a songwriter, as well as earning him the Félix for the Artist of the Year with the most web exposure at the ADISQ gala in 2021 and 2022.

JUNE 15, 2024

Damien Robitaille​​

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JUNE 15, 2024

Family matinee