In order to ensure the safety of festival-goers, staff and artists at the festival, you will find below the list of measures put in place in accordance with the recommendations of national, provincial and regional public health authorities.



  • Installation of terraced spaces, for a maximum of 50 people, delimited by barricades.
  • Hand cleaning with antiseptic gel on arrival on the site, entering and leaving the terrace, and before and after using the toilet
  • Each of the terraces will be equipped with tables and chairs to avoid travel during the shows. The tables will be arranged to ensure a distance of 2 meters between each festival-goer.
  • Each of the terraces is equipped with its own toilet to prevent spectators from all sharing the same toilet.
  • The toilet handles will be cleaned by volunteers after each use.
  • Antiseptic gel dispensers (Purel) will be installed at the entrance to the site, at the entrance and exit to the terraces and at the toilets
  • A bar and catering service will be offered at the table by a waiter to avoid movement of participants
  • No kiosk will be set up on the site
  • All payments for the bar will be made by credit card. No cash will flow on the sit
  • Distancing markers will be installed in places where lineups could form: at the site entrance, at the entrance to the terraces, in the toilets, at the exit of the terraces


  • A very large stage has been set up with several backstage exits to ensure that the performers do not meet when entering or leaving the stage
  • Access to the various established areas (site, stage, backstage, etc.) will be controlled using colored bracelets


  • Online ticket booking, and numbering of the terraces will make it easy to trace who is there if needed


  • A guide was created and training was given to volunteers to ensure that all the rules are followed during the evenings.
  • Volunteers as well as security personnel will be assigned to the compliance with all health instructions during the evenings.
  • Training was given to all volunteers to inform them of the health standards applicable to the event as well as the techniques for putting on and taking off their masks safely
  • All volunteers and staff were required to confirm that they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival at the site on a daily basis. If they confirm they have any of the symptoms, it is imperative that they stay home