Franco’s a real treat!

Before, during or after the shows,

come and enjoy a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes

and drinks offered by our different concessionaires :

  • Les Brulés : Smoked meat sandwiches, smoked cheesecake, smoked chicken, pokés bowls, poutines…
  • La Crêpe Volante : Buckwheat pancakes with ham and cheese, sweet pancakes (sugar, cinnamon sugar, lemon sugar and Nutella).
  • SnackOShack : Korean pogos, dumplings, spring rolls, samosas…
  • ROOST : Chicken in all its forms (Thai, Mexican, Curry Tika, Bourbon BBQ, etc.), poutines, hamburgers…

And don’t forget our bar, featuring a wide selection of microbrewery beers
Tuque de broue, red and white wine and ready-to-drink drinks!

We look forward to seeing you there!